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Or, you know, not.

I had my shoes, coat, and purse on, when I realized that the furnace hadn't kicked off in awhile. I yanked open the door to the basement, got a face full of steam and smoke, and slammed the door shut again.  First things first, I took Kiska out and put her in the car, so no matter what happens she is safe. Then I called my landlady - first time I have ever phoned her at work - and after some frantic phone calling on her part, the plumber who "fixed" the furnace this morning is on his way back. He is 20 minutes away, but I can't leave until I am certain the house wont burn down in my absence....

ETA: As per the plumber's advice, I waded into the smelly steam and pulled the breaker for the furnace. Then I went to my meeting, leaving the door open for him. Apparently he installed an incorrect part this morning and the furnace overheated and started making steam. It doesn't have power, so is theoretically safe, and I have the dehumidifier running to try and dry up the moisture clinging to everything in the basement. I am still not leaving Kiska here alone until we leave for Alaska on Monday. After the last couple car accidents I was feeling like she might be better off at home, but I am now officially over that idea. The world is feeling like a hostile place, and I want her close to me.
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Made some phone calls today.

The lawn service (aka:  Marvin) is done mowing my lawn and will let me know how much I owe him tomorrow. I need to send him a check.

The electricity is no longer in my name.

I cant get renter's insurance until I figure out the address for otherHeather's house, but the agent will call me tomorrow to move on that.


Kiska has a reservation to ride in the airplane cabin when we fly east in August. 

She passed her therapy dog test in October, but being Delta registerred is not the same as being a service dog. I inquired about having her fly in the plane then and realized I could probably take advantage of the ticket agent's lack of understanding, but didnt want to do something ethically questionnable. 

Then, on this last trip, I took her all over Regan National Airport with no problem and the women at the customer service desk in Seattle urged me to take her on the plane (after seeing her in her vest and checking her ID).  Between those successes and my continuing worry that the airline is going to kill my dog by leaving her on the tarmac in the heat for hours during a delay, it seemd like time to take her onboard.  So, I called and made her a reservation. We will ride in the bulkhead row window seat, with her curled up at my feet.  I won't tow a roll-on suitcase: I will carry a laptop bag and a shoulderbag with Kiska's stuff.  Not having the dog crate will make travelling so much simpler, and I think she will fly like a champ.
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While this morning made me want to club people with rotten zucchini, today has had its high points.

They include:
- being invited out to lunch by Julie (my boss) on Thursday
- handing off all those research papers
- deciding to pretend I am rich and have someone clean my house after I move out (a one time thing, which makes me feel like I should just burgn some twenty dollar bills, while I am at it). She comes a week from Friday, and I already mailed the check.
- finishing Table 1 of the meta-analysis
- having my cousin offer to drive me to the airport on Saturday (after putting me up Friday night), since my arrangment with KM fell through
- my Anchorage aunt and uncle sounding delighted to have me sleeping on their couch on Saturday night

No one will be suprised to hear that I am going to go live on top of a scenic hill with a charming bellydancer, her poodle, and six pygmy goats. For the same amount I charged A, I will have a 11.5x11.5 foot bedroom with a giant closet, a (shared) bathroom large enough to roller skate in (with a real! bathtb! for real! baths!), access to a beautiful kitchen and porch with hanging wooden bench swing, and no responsibility for house disasters.

She is OtherHeather, Fantastic Jen's best friend. She is hardly ever there, but I like her and will enjoy any time I see her. She is one of the girls from the landmark Atlanta road trip weekend.

I have too much stuff in my storage unit for the bedroom, but will make it work. Probably I will sell some stuff in the fall, when people are moving to the area and furnishing their new places. I probably should not have packed those kitchen boxes today, since I wont need that stuff, but will sort through them in the fall.

It is still a ten minute drive from campus, because it is located out of town on a winding road, but only 3.5 miles to my parking lot. The local trail system runs across that winding road about a quarter of a mile from the house, so I could even ride my bike to school if I was feeling athletic.

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I signed the contract - this nice lady with frosted hair and her face plastered in shopping cart inserts all over town is now in charge of selling my house.

The good news: she likes the idea of selling an empty house, and I wont have to come out for the closing since I am only the seller (buyers must be present in person).

The bad news: I am now committed to being moved out before I leave for the summer.

This makes the lack of impulse control which had me running one load of junk to the thrift store before she came over into a healthy thing.

Moving progress so far:
- boxes acquired
- appointment made for thrift store to come get that-which-cannot-be-crammed-into-my-car
- one load to thrift store: microwave, 1 box books, 2 boxes dishes bought for mosaicing, one iced tea maker, one turkey roaster and accompanying pots, one popcorn popper, one basin, one plant hanger, one small herb growing set-up
- freecycled the soloflex thing, with pickup scheduled for 1 pm tomorrow
- freecycled the dog igloo, awaiting a taker

To do Monday:
- rent storage unit
- haul more stuff to goodwill

In other critical news . . .
One of my four MA analyses worked.
Two others have the >100% of variance accounted for problem.
I havent run the most data-rich one yet.

I am going for a walk with Anita, then back to the salt mines. . .
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I now have a car-full of boxes and an appointment for the thrift store down the street to come pick up the furniture I am ready to be rid of. The nice side effect of this is that they will also take anything I have boxed by then (a week from Thursday), encouraging me to donate, donate, donate.

The boxes came from KM's gourmet wine and beer shop and the same thrift store. I also stopped and bought three rubbermaid totes (I love storage stuff) but my mom talked me down from the tote buying frenzy, pointing out that then I have to figure out a way to store them after I unpack . . . Cardboard boxes will prboabaly do just as well, without that storage problem.

I am planning to freecycle the exervise equiptment in the basement and then get to work. Packing will be a nice break from meta-analysis.
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So my roommates called me and we had the dreaded "we need to talk" conversation.

Once they were both home we convened in the living room for a chat.

Turns out they want to move out mid-May.

This is not what I had planned. But, if they are going, I want them gone before I leave for the summer and insisted they aim for May 10 (not the 15th).

This means I will probably try to move ALL the way out myself before I leave for the summer. This is going to be more ambitious. I hope I can do it.


Apr. 28th, 2006 02:33 pm
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I decided to try and sell my house.

My realtor will be bringing a contract over tomorrow.

I think I am going to rent a storage unit and try to move most of my personal belongings out before I leave. Judy (the realtor) will tell me tomorrow whether the furniture should stay.

If anyone wants to help me move on Friday May 12, I am looking for volunteers. I dont own that much stuff, so mostly it will be packing books into boxes and helping me haul the boxes around.

It's a little bit sad, but mostly this is exciting and scary and somehow peaceful - like there will be lots of hustle and bustle, but all in process of reaching a best outcome.
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Photos to come.

UPDATED: Photos to come, when I find the damn camera. Which won't be for awhile, since I want to get the house back to functional (bathroom finished and reassembled & kitchen cleaned) before I shovel out my office (again).


Apr. 15th, 2006 01:06 am
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I made my trip to the store, and finished my destruction. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for but now own a pipe wrench which did the job. I see the wrench and think: "good for hitting people over the head!" It took me awhile to realize that this is because it looks like one of the murder weapons in "Clue" (the boardgame).

I got the new faucet in, but am again stymied by my lack of tools. I need some way to tighten a hard to reach bolt, since its current looseness makes water shoot out at the base of the handle (why yes, this was experience learning). I am thinking maybe very dinky crescent wrenches (which are probably findable, in a way the giant one I was seeking is not) or a socket set with reachers. I think if I can just tighten that one bolt and attach the two water lines, it will work well. I am so close, but will not finish until tomorrow. It's one am, so I am giving up and going to bed. I am on childchasing duty at 8 am, so will need my energy for that.


Apr. 14th, 2006 11:43 pm
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The bathroom ceiling is painted. It's a lovely (read: boring) flat white.

I accomplished no schoolwork today.

I got a leeeeettle ambitious and decided to attack the kitchen sink around 10:30 pm (after I finished the final coat on the bathroom and ran out of book). I took everything out of the faucet box and read the directions. Strangely, it was removing the old fixtures which has slowed me down (usually I am very good at destruction, so I find this amusing). I got the faucet itself and one soap dispenser out, but the second one is giving me fits. I turn the nut and the whole bolt spins with it.

I called my dad for advice (moral support) and we decided that I am doing it right, I just lack tools. So now I am off, at midnight on a Friday night, to buy crescent wrenches. God, I live *such* a glamorous life :)


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