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I just - unanimously - passed the second (oral) part of my preliminary exams.

This means I have finished all the course work and all the exams for my Ph.D. I still need to write a dissertation, but I am A.B.D. and so pleased.

Thanks for your support, duckies.
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Go me. Since my last entry I have pretty much been nibbling around the edges of the impossible project. In doing so I have knocked four of my seven goals for the weekend off the list. I have a page of 18 sources - books and journal articles not available electronically - that need to be fetched from the library. Once that is done the only items left will be "plan to write paper" and "start messing with outline." I literally mapped out my schedule for the week, including several blocks dedicated to the prelim, which may count as "plan to write paper."

I need to be at Greg's in an hour and a half for dinner, and my current intention is to take 20 minutes to start my mom's birthday bracelet then go hang out with the cat until dinnertime. I'll take some reading, and give him some love, then after dinner I can fill out the matrix for the article I am presenting in the morning. I was thinking about going to the library, but that is going to take hours, so I think I will do it tomorrow afternoon. I am so good at this article gathering... its just the reading I procrastinate on...
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I had a riding lesson tonight, sharing the ring and the trainer with a more advanced student. Mr. Sensitive and I were trotting over poles, while Cowboy and his rider cantered over two low jumps.  It was fun to watch and I told Reanna, "I know I have to work up to it, but I! Want! To! Do! That! (Eventually)." This was a total surprise to me - I had never even thought about jumping before.

I was figuring another half dozen lessons or so, before I even got to think about taking the horse over anything. Instead she looked at us appraisingly and said, "Well, you aren't ready to do it at a canter, but you can try it at a trot."

So we did. He refused the jump the first two times, but then we got it. We went over both of them in series, several times, and I came home floating. If I can do that, I know I can survive my meeting tomorrow.
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I am starting to wonder if taking the Ph.D. qualifying exams this spring is a wise choice. I have tried to talk it through with a couple of people, since I am interested in other perspectives, but it is hard for my audience to keep straight when presented verbally.

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I had a professor (why yes, that one) tell us that our exam next week will be closed book, no resources in hand, etc.  Then he announced that we will receive it via email at 1 pm with instructions to submit it at or around 2:30 pm.  We are supposed to be on our honor but - and this is a direct quote that I wrote down word for word- "it is up to [us] if [we] want to play it straight or not. . . it's not about grades at this level."

Is that an invitation to cheat?

I have an opinion and a sense of how I will take the exam, which I will share with you later.  First, what do you think?


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