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Oh yeah, I think I forgot to tell you, innernet:  I passed my dissertation defense last Monday, and am now Dr. Red Zils, Ph.D. (The only person who calls me Dr. Anything is my mother, and she likes "Dr. Red" instead of "Dr. Zils").

Well, I didn't actually forget to tell you, but it felt so big that I didn't know how to box it into words that day. Then a day passed, and another, and I have been busy doing the Snoopy dance (accompanied by the mantra 'I did it! I did it! I did it!'), touring OurNation'sCapitol with my mother, eating great food with people I love, working on the minor revisions my committee asked for, jumping through paperwork hoops, interviewing for jobs via telephone, planning an on campus interview for a job in OrangeGrowingState, trying not to freeze to death in the garret, and generally living my same life.

Having a Ph.D. doesn't make me smarter, or faster, or richer (ha!). It doesn't make me a better person, or a more interesting one. And I am gleeful about it anyway - I wanted this so badly; I worked really hard to make it happen; and I accomplished my goal. That right there makes me happy and proud. I am glad I did it, even if this economy means I go home to work in the family business, instead of ever using my degree.

I'll be in Footballsburg one week out of every month from now until May, and probably wherever TDaC is the rest of the time (OurNation'sCapitol at the moment, OrangeGrowingState, probably, after that). I'm telecommuting for the job that pays me, working on three or four manuscripts with my advisor, and taking advantage of the flexibility to do so from places that make me happy. Please let me know if you are here or there or anywhere we might meet - I'd love to see you.
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Don't. Want. To. Go. Home.
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Tomorrow I will be meeting SeaWorld's dolphin performers. It is poolside, so I wont be swimming with them, but I have us booked for the backstage "Dolphin Spotlight" tour at 10 am. This makes me happy.  Their website is horrible, so I am not even going to try to send you there, but TDaC agreed to go, after I found it listed on a local events page, and I am so excited!
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Someone brought me beautiful flowers at work.  They smell really nice, and are getting a lot of attention.  It's a totally ridiculous arrangement - I mean, it is at least three feet tall and will have to be strapped into the passenger seat for safe transport - but I like it. My favorite flowers are here: lilies and peach roses and some orchids and a delphinium, massed together  with some greenery and a pretty red flower I cant identify.  Yum.

He ditched them in my cubicle then lurked downstairs to take me out for coffee when I discovered them (upon my return from lunch).  People want to know what the occasion is, but I dont think there is one. I suppose we are getting close to our two month "anniversary" if you want to get technical, but doubt that is what prompted this.
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Dear LJ Braintrust,

What is the working definition of "a date?"  You know, as in, going out on a date, etc.  There has been much speculation in my world lately, and we could use your help!

Gracias in advance.



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