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The new computer - Constantine, to his friends - now prints to the printer in my home office, PDF format, and the networked printer in my office at school. I would like to claim that this is due to my innate brilliance, but mostly it is due to TDaC telling me to use "Printer Name (Copy 1)" instead of "Printer Name" at home, the school tech sending me a link with directions and drivers for the network printer, and Teh Internet (from which I downloaded and installed CutePDF). Of course I did all the work - that should count for something.

Constantine is a shiny, lovely computer. His docking station delights me, his lightness makes my shoulder happy, and I think we will be very happy together for the next two - four years. I like to eke three years out of a laptop, but this last one only made it 26 months and with my lifestyle, there are just no guarantees...
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I am now online from home.

It was not a simple process. First, I could not get my laptop online. Then I got the other laptop online. Then both laptops would talk to the router, but the router wouldn't talk to the modem.  Finally, after a good long time on hold with EvilCableCo. they gave me the appropriate setting to "bridge" the modem, and then transfered me to Linksys for router help.  My number-mixupness bit me in the ass, in that I was mostly sitting on hold because I had reversed two digits in attempting to connect to the router, but we got that settled right off the bat.  The woman at Linksys was most concerned with getting me entered in their database, and while she was doing that I managed to finish configuring the router.

I was on hold a good long time with EvilCableCo.  I did the dished that had piled up (apparently when I am living alone my usual neuroticism about keeping a clean kitchen fades. It seems that I'm not really a neat freak, just ridiculously courteous). I cleaned my office. I organized my bag for tomorrow and wrote out my schedule. I broke some boxes down for recycling.  Then I was on hold for another chunk with Linksys, and installed the new bathroom hardware while waiting.

Just having the interweb makes me feel much less isolated, and having succesfully connected it and secured the wireless network makes me feel like I might get to be a real geek when I grow up after all, which amuses me.

And now, at 10 pm, I get to start reading two hefty articles and two book chunks for a class which convenes in 11 hours. Whee.

(In other news, no crying at school today.  I taught a class and taught it well.  I also got blisters on my feet from walking to school in pretty shoes.  Tomorrow is a Teva sandal day, which is okay with me since I'm not teaching).
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I found a dance class that didn't hurt anyone or make me want to hurt anyone. The instructor ran through dancer's posture at the beginning of the class, and made specific critiques of certain motions.  The class was instructive, collaborative, and generally fabulous. It was also very, very challenging, since it is the intermediate class with the cued choreography bits I dont understand as yet.

Leaving class I still felt buoyant - I got to play zils (and actually coached one of the other dancers on triplets), dance, and move through space with other bodies. It pointed out things I need to work on (my mayas are much better than my taqsims and I need to practice level changes), and provided me with a short term tribe.

Yay. Huzzah. Etc. And yeah, my shoulder hurts.
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To borrow a line from Eliza, FRANKENSTEIN HALLELUJAH!

In my inbox:

Hi Red; your packet is complete and has been forwarded to the Director of Graduate Programs.  It  will be distributed among our area faculty and then we will send it on to the doctoral admissions committee.

Have a great summer,
Dr. Division Head

This means I am FINALLY FREE of my old advisor, the uhoh program itself, and all the badness.   I'm FREE!
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My ETD - Electronic Thesis Document - has been accepted by the graduate school for archiving.  I just checked in with the graduate school and my diploma will be mailed next week. I think I have a master's degree.
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I have a 69 page draft of my thesis.  I am definitely embracing Ms. Lamott's shitty first drafts idea, but, hey, it's on paper!  And before my deadline (4 am, tomorrow morning, at the very latest).  I know it could be better, but it isn't.  What it is is a jumping off place for the revisions process, and a conversation starter for my advisor and me.  Need I mention that it will be returned to me gutted and dripping Microsoft Comments?  Nah, I didn't think so....

I am going to send the whole thing off and do a quick victory dance, then run into town.  These dogs need to run about 5 miles before we are going to be friends again....
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Victory is mine.

First grown-up sized sock.

First kitchener stitched toe.

And it is beee-yoo-tee-full.
What? I need two for a pair?  La-la-la-la-la, I can't hear you!

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Check out that running water! And (included for [profile] ) the pipe wrench and bent nose pliers which made it all possible!

Also visible: whimiscal plant and shell collection (mine), water bottle and tooblue candle holder (roommate's), and house (neighbor's).

The button hanging on the plant says, "I'd love to help, but I have misplaced my wand."  Hee.
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Photos to come.

UPDATED: Photos to come, when I find the damn camera. Which won't be for awhile, since I want to get the house back to functional (bathroom finished and reassembled & kitchen cleaned) before I shovel out my office (again).


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