Sep. 20th, 2008

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This was the very best sort of Footballsburg morning. It's cool enough to pull on my old favorite jeans (which lost their left knee in a parking lot fall, but remain in otherwise perfect condition) and a tank top, and walk the dog in sandals. We strolled downtown to check the mail, then went on to the Farmer's Market. It was busy there, but Kiska reigned as beauty queen supreme, with hordes of small children following parental prompting and asking if they could pet. She soaks up the attention, and is an excellent canine ambassador.

I spent $20 on peaches, tiny, perfect Asian pears, fresh apples, oatmeal bread, and sunflowers. We went to the coffeeshop, where the owner plucked me and my Dansko travel mug out of the line, confirming only that I wanted my regular (2 shot Americano, with room) before getting on with things.

And we walked home, me sipping good coffee and listening to a favorite music mix, Kiska stalking squirrels.  I have much to do this weekend, since I took my break during the week, but I also have plans with friends. This may not be home, but on a barely crisp day with a hint of fall, looking at the vase of brilliant sunflowers adorning my desk, I can glimpse why people love it here.


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