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A year ago today, A Very Bad Thing happened at my school. I am aiming to stay less Google-able, but am sure CNN will tell you where I am if you don't know. I mean, The Anchorage Daily News online has an article on it up today, down in the "National" section.

Last night driving home from the barn I saw a sign at a local day spa touting their support for the 33 dead, and it made me a little less despondent. One person killed thirty two other people, and our community lost thirty three members. I see them all as victims, including Cho.

Not everyone shares this attitude, and I have been accused of everything up to condoning his actions for holding it. I hope you understand that that is not true - it was a terrible, terrible act with unforgettable and unforgivable consequences. And I believe the perpetrator was also a victim of his own mental illness and isolation. His family still lost a son and a brother, and I believe they mourn him, alongside their sadness and misplaced guilt over not knowing in time to help him before he hurt others.

Friends who went to the annual dance show last weekend tell me Reema's absence was both formally noted and apparent in their choreography. I know that all the victims' families mourn and hope that this year has been a time of healing for them.

I woke up this morning to open the shades and let the sun stream in, and then lit a brace of candles in recognition. The local public radio station is play a requiem, and I am going to spend the day working on a giant project. Later though I will walk to campus and join the candlelight vigil to demonstrate my solidarity with the community. Forget the stupid rhetoric of overcoming, I just need to be present and continue to grow, and hope others are also finding what they need.

Date: 2008-04-16 10:44 pm (UTC)
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((( redzils ))) i understand what you are saying about mourning for them all, and agree.


-- kathy a.


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