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Okay, there are 42 students.

One did not take the exam.

Another is literally having a problem with his psychotropic medication, so he turned something in but I am not grading it. That is the professor's job, in this volatile situation.

That means I had 40 to grade.

So far: 31 down, 9 to go.

I am going to run around the house a bit, tidying up so it can be shown and getting paint cans out of the kitchen, then head to school. I can finish grading and prep to meet with Roseanne there.

I am going to be badly prepared for my meeting with Roseanne, but I am pretty okay with that.

On the way home I will go to Lowe's to buy a doorknob for my bedroom closet (it hasn't had a knob in months), grass seed, and electical outlet plates, then come home to pack for Alaska and continue the move out.
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Okay, I took an hour and ran a huge load to the thrift shop and some big awkward pieces to the storage unit. I also went to McD's for my guilty pleasure breakfast - an egg and cheese bagel.

The thrift store ladies are hilarious. They say "Bless your heart!" over and over again when I am there unloading the assorted bits and pieces which I give them.

I also called every local lawn service in the phone book (ie the ones that listed my small town, as opposed to the neighboring small towns).

I am back at home now, contemplating one last bit of touch up painting, packing for AK, grading, changing clothes, and heading to school.

I think I need to leave here in about 40 minutes, so will grade for a bit, then see what else I can get done in that time.

Poor Kiska is going to have to be crated while I am gone, since the house might be shown while I am at school and not everyone "gets" dogs. I certainly am not leaving her outside, since we have already had one "suitor" show up since she is in heat. Kis ran straight at him barking ferociously - very funny. He looked nonplussed and hung around outside the fence until I brought her inside.
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I think I am finally ready to grade. Well, as soon as I hang the heap of wet laundry on my bed and pull all the wine off the top of the kitchen cabinets. It is still up there since I haven't been able to figure out what to do with it - it will go to vinegar in my storage unit, considering the climate. Maybe I will haul it to Baltimore and give it all to my cousin, if space permits.

I am tired, but glad to be done pulling things out and sorting them into give away and keep heaps, spackling, and touch-up painting. There is still a lot of stuff to be dealt with, but at least I know exactly how much since it is all out in the open.

I leave for Baltimore in 32.5 hours.

In that time I need to:
- grade
- prep to meet with R
- hire someone to mow my lawn
- pack to go to Alaska
- haul everything else to storage / Goodwill / the dump
- meet with advisor
- lunch with Julie
- call my cousin
- supervise roommates moving the rest of the crap in the universe out

oh, and hopefully, sleep. I am already tired, and know I will be up for a couple more hours.
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That last post was Not Nice. I feel slightly ashamed (but more amused) since Tim responded well to my smiting (the email I sent him started: "I plan to XYZ but have 42 essay exams to grade in the next 24 hours, then . . .).

I am proctoring an exam. I have to sit here and keep an eye on them, but it is easy compared to the rest of my life.

I am proud to report that I got the #$@#%$% extra credit for both classes sorted out and neatly entered.

And my email is down to a mere 25 messages requiring an action or response. A lot of them are from people who are on my friends list, so I should issue a dislaimer: I am not answerring much personal email right now. I will soon. Just keeping up with student emails has been overwhelming - hopefully it will slow down now that the final is over.

I get to leave here in an hour or so to take the multiple choice bubble sheets to be scored, then run to KM's office to add something to my computer. After that, I will pick up Kiska (she was riding along today, since the house is being showed twice and the roommates are moving, which worked fine until the sun came out and I had to take her to Greg's to keep from having a roasted dog), and find my way to dance class.

Afterwards there will be some data analysis and LOTS of grading. I really wish I could come up with a way to grade these essay exams without reading them. My current favorite plan involves drawing lines in my hallway then flinging each packet individually. Those that fly furthest before landing get "A"s, those that make a respectable but not remarkable distance: "B"s, and so on and so forth. What amuses me about this idea is that I would probably still get a pretty good curve.

Best lines from this week so far:
(when I went to the thrift store with my second load of the day) "Why dont you just jack the house up and drag it over here? It would save you time."

(after listening to me talk about my week at the women's writing group) "Do you sleep?"

REMEMBER: FIND SOMEONE TO MOW LAWN (I priced one service today, and it was over $100/month to keep the grass from going jungle. I am hoping to find someone I can pay without having to sell my first born child).
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Today I called and made arrancements to have the water and refuse pick up discontinued, phone and internet turned off, and electricity moved from budget to pay-as-you-go.

I rented a storage unit and hauled three loads of stuff into it.

I looked at two potential places to live, and want to sign a lease for one of them. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow - I emailed the girl with a couple questions and hope she feelsl ike I would fit into the house. More details will follow, when I feel less like talking about it might jinx it.

I hired movers to come on Wednesday, thus reducing my stress about the furniture.

I left messages for some cleaning people, with the idea that maybe I will have someone come in and shine the place up after I leave. That way I wouldn't have to worry about leaving it clean (since time is so short, this would be helpful) and it might appeal more to buyers.

I packed my car with stuff to drop off tomorrow, and tidied the chaos in the living room, my office, and my bedroom, with the idea that Judy may want to show the place soon. That would be akward with us in residence, but the sooner it sells the better (i.e. the fewer mortage payments I have to make and the sooner I am free from the albatross part).

I am still overwhelmed, and realize that these two weeks are going to be a sprint to the finish line between the paper I am writing, the grading to do, the getting moved out, and the trip to Dallas (the main challenge associated with the business trip is coming up with four days of business attire. Usually I stress about it, but this year it isnt even registering).

My presentation is tomorrow, and I feel ready. I need to read it outloud a few times, to time myself and create note cards with extra (non-displayed) information for each slide, then I can shift to working on the paper. Damn paper.
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Okay. I rented a 10 x 15 ft storage unit. It was an easy choice to go to the bigger size, since it only cost $10 more over the course of the summer.

I dropped off one load of stuff when I signed the contract, and have since wedged several more boxes and one wicker chair into my car. It still seems very weird, but now more doable.

I arranged to have electricity taken off the budget balance and the phone disconnected. I checked on renter's insurance for my belongings in storage (I will have to do that once the house sells), and learned that I need to go downtown to arrange for the water / refuse service to be shut off in person. I even called to see what it would cost to have someone come in and clean the place once after I leave.

Now I just need to find my cellphone (I had it this morning, I swear . . .) and get! to! work! on school.
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I signed the contract - this nice lady with frosted hair and her face plastered in shopping cart inserts all over town is now in charge of selling my house.

The good news: she likes the idea of selling an empty house, and I wont have to come out for the closing since I am only the seller (buyers must be present in person).

The bad news: I am now committed to being moved out before I leave for the summer.

This makes the lack of impulse control which had me running one load of junk to the thrift store before she came over into a healthy thing.

Moving progress so far:
- boxes acquired
- appointment made for thrift store to come get that-which-cannot-be-crammed-into-my-car
- one load to thrift store: microwave, 1 box books, 2 boxes dishes bought for mosaicing, one iced tea maker, one turkey roaster and accompanying pots, one popcorn popper, one basin, one plant hanger, one small herb growing set-up
- freecycled the soloflex thing, with pickup scheduled for 1 pm tomorrow
- freecycled the dog igloo, awaiting a taker

To do Monday:
- rent storage unit
- haul more stuff to goodwill

In other critical news . . .
One of my four MA analyses worked.
Two others have the >100% of variance accounted for problem.
I havent run the most data-rich one yet.

I am going for a walk with Anita, then back to the salt mines. . .
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I now have a car-full of boxes and an appointment for the thrift store down the street to come pick up the furniture I am ready to be rid of. The nice side effect of this is that they will also take anything I have boxed by then (a week from Thursday), encouraging me to donate, donate, donate.

The boxes came from KM's gourmet wine and beer shop and the same thrift store. I also stopped and bought three rubbermaid totes (I love storage stuff) but my mom talked me down from the tote buying frenzy, pointing out that then I have to figure out a way to store them after I unpack . . . Cardboard boxes will prboabaly do just as well, without that storage problem.

I am planning to freecycle the exervise equiptment in the basement and then get to work. Packing will be a nice break from meta-analysis.
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So my roommates called me and we had the dreaded "we need to talk" conversation.

Once they were both home we convened in the living room for a chat.

Turns out they want to move out mid-May.

This is not what I had planned. But, if they are going, I want them gone before I leave for the summer and insisted they aim for May 10 (not the 15th).

This means I will probably try to move ALL the way out myself before I leave for the summer. This is going to be more ambitious. I hope I can do it.


Apr. 28th, 2006 02:33 pm
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I decided to try and sell my house.

My realtor will be bringing a contract over tomorrow.

I think I am going to rent a storage unit and try to move most of my personal belongings out before I leave. Judy (the realtor) will tell me tomorrow whether the furniture should stay.

If anyone wants to help me move on Friday May 12, I am looking for volunteers. I dont own that much stuff, so mostly it will be packing books into boxes and helping me haul the boxes around.

It's a little bit sad, but mostly this is exciting and scary and somehow peaceful - like there will be lots of hustle and bustle, but all in process of reaching a best outcome.


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