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I got all my thesis paperwork in on the last day of the semester, and submitted my application to the new program I want to join within an hour.

The next week I sent a reminder to my thesis committee about the letters of recommendation they had agreed to write (in our department letters are required from all thre members of the committee), setting a deadline. I received two "okay, it is submitted now" emails and a one "thanks for the reminder - I will have it in by the end of the week."  So, guess whose letter is still missing a week after the deadline?

My advisor's, of course.

I just re-reminded her, and hopefully she will be ashamed enough to make good on it right away.  Gah. This is the last thing I need before I am free of her forever, and letting it drag out this way is making me crazy.
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Thesis revisions sent, with a note that "I am hopeful this is close to a final product." Now the nail-biting powerlessness may commence. Hopefully I will hear back from her no later than Monday, since I need to have the final document submitted by Friday to walk at graduation.
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It is a beautiful day. I think I am going to take the dog for a walk, shove a protesting cat-ten into the crate, and run away from home.  A night at [personal profile] joyce and [personal profile] madgenius's is just what I need.

And - I have all but three slides for my defense presentation filled in.  Of course the ones remaining are the three hardest (analyses and results, essentially), but it is good to have made some progress. I'm trying to put less on the slides so I have more to talk about, like I would teaching.  During my proposal meeting everything I wanted to say was already projected up on the wall, which made for a boring presentation. These people scare the hell out of me, but I am a good teacher, dammit, and am going to try and channel some of that spark into my defense meeting.

I hope you are having a good Friday, and that you get to do something fun tonight.
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I think the universe must have decided it owed me one this weekend.  I got to spend three days in the company of several of my favorite people, watch a truly amazing show, take dance classes from the stars of the tribal world, make serious progress on the knitting front (it is now possible, nay, likely, that I will have my sweater done in time to seam it together in class), and come home to happy animals and an email letting me know that the thesis "looks good [and] . . . is ready to go to the committee."

I am tired but happy, and very, very grateful.
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I rillyrilly hate literature reviews.  I mean, the good ones are a joy to read, but creating them is Not My Favorite.  Everything I need to include has already been said more gracefully by someone else, whose ideas I must now be careful not to plagiarize. 

I have made it through the first 12 pages of my Introduction and Literature review, and I think they are good(ish) as is. I deleted out some stuff which is no longer relevant and threw in a few additional linkages, but they seem sufficient, well-organized, and complete.

The next eight pages - which probably will grow to twenty or so pages - is less fun, since only three of the five constructs discussed in the original proposal remain, and another one has been added.  Lots of linkages to be pruned and recreated using new variables. 

And then, for fun, I get to go back in and add all the stuff that has been published since I wrote the damn thing (March 2005, so 21 months worth of publications).


And then, for even more fun, I get to  go write a discussion, based on the literature review, and make some conclusions. 

But, once I do that and update the reference section, I will have a complete draft to submit to my advisor.  I just need to quit with the squirreling around and focus.  Easier said than done, of course, but I am encouraged by the feedback from a friend in my program (she said I am doing a good job! She also has a huge list of changes to be made, but I am doing a good job!). 

Unfortunately whining about what remains to be completed is not getting anything done.  Must focus...
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Okay, I am now about where I wanted to be on the thesis last night. I dont know if this means that I set ridiculous goals, or am inherently slow and procrastinatish.  Either way, I have a complete draft of the methods and results and wrote out the limitations of my study (that was a LONG paragraph. Stoopid project).  I shipped the Methods and Results off to a couple people who might be kind enough to read over them for me (yes, hi, I do mean you.  Have I mentioned how marvelous you are lately?).

My brain is about done for the day, but I think I will spend ten minutes bringing the pieces together, into one document before I take my headcold and go to bed. 

I printed the 19 pages left of my Intro./Lit. Review (after cutting out all the stuff that was removed from my original model), so tomorrow's first project is to outline it, with a one sentence summary per paragraph.  That "map" will enable me to see what is missing / needs to be expanded on and make sure I have a cogent, complete literature review and introduction.  Those are my least favorite parts of the project to work on (especially since I have a bunch of recently published articles which need to be integrated), but I need to finish that before I can write the discussion and conclusions....

Two more days to get it done, which means a) I need to work like the wind, and b) in two days I get ungrounded.  If only I survive that long...

PS - I am sorta sickly today, so went to Fred Meyers to buy groceries and stock up on cold medicine. I think I managed to trip their methamphetamine warning system, and they me choose between these two boxes or that one instead (I went for Advil cold medicine - in two forms - rather than the Claritan.  Allergies be damned, I guess). They took my ID and disappeared into the back for awhile before making me sign my life away in exchange for cold medicine.  I wonder if that means the DEA will be calling?  I would be glad to cough on them if they feel like coming by. If I am feeling nice, I'll then share my cold medicine , but they will have to bring their own allergy meds. Oh well, at least the cold means I have a valid reason to slug down a shot of Nyquil en route to bed.
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You know you are having A Day when you discover - as dark falls - that you are locked in at the dump (excuse me, solid waste disposal facility), and your next thought is, oh, shit, these pants are WAY too tight for jumping six foot chainlink fences.

I manged to go over the fence without ripping the seat out of my too-tight jeans on the wire 'x's at the top (I have a lot more upper body strength than I would have thought this morning - I climbed up, then sort of held myself out from the barbs and lowered far enough to feel safe jumping), and the gate was chained in a way that the two of us pulling it apart were able to yank the dogs through the gap.  Good thing Kiska is so svelte.

Other than that, it was A Day. 

This whole giving up diet soda and refined sugar thing is not very much fun during the first three days - I get terrible cravings, have constant low-level headaches, and my stomach churns and churns.  

I spent the morning working on my measurement model in preparation for seeing my advisor.  The meeting itself was short and fine - any meeting where she doesn't take me out behind the psychology building and shoot me is a good meeting.  Then I met with a student to help him figure out the statistics for a study he is doing.  (When exactly did I get to be a stats expert?)  After that I escaped home for an hour, before dragging myself out for a dog walk with the border collies of doom, where we got locked in at the dump (the trail we were on ended there and it was too dark to go back into the woods and stumble around until we found another exit).  What a glamorous life I lead.
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Essays all graded.

Now I have 27 minutes to prepare to meet with R about my thesis.


At least I have a time bounded appointment, since I am going to lunch with Julie afterwards. And that lunch will be nice, after what is likely to be a terrible meeting.


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