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I think the universe must have decided it owed me one this weekend.  I got to spend three days in the company of several of my favorite people, watch a truly amazing show, take dance classes from the stars of the tribal world, make serious progress on the knitting front (it is now possible, nay, likely, that I will have my sweater done in time to seam it together in class), and come home to happy animals and an email letting me know that the thesis "looks good [and] . . . is ready to go to the committee."

I am tired but happy, and very, very grateful.
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Dear LJ Braintrust -

I am looking for a plural noun for a group of belly dancers.  Fill in this blank: a gaggle of sheep; a pride of lions; and a _________ of belly dancers.  I dont think an official one exists, but I want to know what you think would best fill the need!

(Also, picking up my jeans hurt when I got out of bed this morning. Ow.)
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I am packed.  The funny part is that we are going for three days - driving out earlyearly tomorrow to return Sunday night - and I packed four bags.  For three days and two nights away, I packed four bags (in my own defense, they are small bags and I can carry all four with no problem at all, which is good since I recall doing a lot of sherpa duty last year).

Bag one: clothes, etc.

Bag two: car snacks, knitting, books to read, Ipod.

Bag three: dance costume pieces.

Bag four: thesis stuff.

Good thing I am so low maintainance and am used to traveling light.

Dance Name

Apr. 12th, 2006 10:12 pm
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Apparently the Arabic word for windchime is "arjas al-rih" / أجراس الريح

Thanks, [personal profile] joyce!
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The skirt I ordered weeks ago, for yesterday's dance performance, arrived today.

It's huge - ten yards at the hem and billows into a full, straight-out circle when I spin - but light on. The band around the bottom seems a bit too shiny and it's a little long, but I am sure one trip through the washing machine will solve both those problems. Layering a hip scarf over it, which I would always do dancing, would help as well.

I am wearing it as I type this, and plotting to wear it contra-dancing this weekend. Skirts this cool need to be worn often.
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Our dance performance was today, and it came off fantastically well.

I met EO and CBS for breakfast at 10 at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, then we walked over to the venue. We had the stage for half an hour at noon, so threw on our dance outfits and headed in to rehearse. We ran through the whole piece about four times, and it seemed to be clicking. Interestingly, the first two run-throughs were most perfect, then it faded as we got tired.

We took over the first floor ladies room to do our makeup, and troweled it on. I did J and EO's eye makeup, which came out great, then mine which got awful pretty fast. I kept trying to fix it and it kept getting darker and darker - oops.

We went outside to take photos. We have group photos posed against an evergreen, then individual shots of most of the dancers.

The show started, and J counted us up our place (fifth song). I didn't get nervous until she leaned over and said, "That's two!" then my stomach clenched.

Everyone had told me how fast it would go, but I was not prepared. I knew that each time we went through the song it seemed to go a little quicker, but our performance felt about 30 seconds long, despite clocking in at almost four minutes. I know I smiled, I think I avoided all major screw-ups, and I had a good time.

We brought our instructor - the fantastic Jen - flowers, and she brought us flowers, handing out carnations and congratulations.

A series of emails have gone out assuring us that we were beautiful, strong, and fantastic, and that we rock. I can only agree.

I want to write about the contrast between us and the other performers, but that will have to wait as the roommates are driving me crazy and I must escape into the night . . .

Also, I need a dance icon.
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My belly dance costuming philosophy for this debut performance is essentially, "hey, look over there! it's something shiny!" In keeping with this theme, I spent quite a while tonight tacking a coin belt along the bottom edge of my choli top, so my belly will be covered with pretty sparkly things.

The only excitement was tacking the belt on while I wore the choli top, necessary because the choli is elasticized, so I had to know how far the elastic would be stretching. Fortunately I managed this without stitching anything to my bra or stabbing myself with a needle. My roommates came home in the middle of this project, sending me hurtling from my office to bedroom since I wasn't really dressed for a coed mixer, but overall the mission was a success. I will be adding a heavier coin belt at my actual hips and a string of shiny silver bell bits around my neck. Voila, jewelry taken care of.

There will likely be photos on d-day, but not before.
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(Triple points to anyone who gets the title reference).

At JD's bellydance practice on Sunday, she suggested that we start wearing our dance performance costumes to class. On one hand, yeah, that sounds sensible: we need to know how the floofy skirts affect our movement and should be getting comfortable wearing them around. On the other, OHMIGOD, I will be out in PUBLIC. WITH MY BELLY SHOWING. I tried not to spend any time or energy worrying about it, but the idea of putting my flubbery belly out for the world to see made me anxious. I mean, I performed once last summer in Homer at their baby Renn Faire, but I don't know a soul there. Here I know people, and they know me.

Last night, while I was on the phone with H, I assembled the outfit.

Tonight at dance, I snuck into a back room to get dressed, and came out in my harem pants, skirt, hip scarf, and choli top. I wore a coin belt over the hipscarf, but no other jewelry. I was feeling a tad underdressed, but, bless her heart,* Jen (my teacher and TribalCon co-conspirator) *whistled* at me. The feedback was good - people seemed to like the coin belt and they were all really positive. I didn't want to die of embaressment. And by the end of the night I was pretty much okay with the fact that I was showing some skin (despite being one of two double-digit sized people in the room).

I still doubt I will invite the world to watch me dance, but I am spreading the word about my Virginia performance debut when it comes up (I told someone at the dog park today, for example). I remain a little bit nervous about my "solo duet" at the beginning, but only because Jane and I are supposed to be mirroring one another, and we haven't really started working on that piece. I have faith though - it is going to come together beautifully, as the rest of this choreography already has.

In sum, I had been saying all week that I just needed to get over myself, and I am proud that I am managing it.

* In your colloquial Southern-Bitch dialect "Bless her Heart" means, "let's trash her." I do NOT mean it this way - I mean, may all the bounty of planet Earth be laid at her feet by Whoever Is In Charge. She is just that cool.


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