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I am pleased: Robin McKinley's Sunshine is getting a little of the recognition it so surely deserves.

She writes on her blog (she graduated from LJ to A Real Blog) (sensibly located at that she wants to write the sort of books "that people take to bed with them, read in the bath till the bubbles are all gone and the water’s cold.  Or choose to go with them on long gruesome plane flights."

For me, Sunshine is quintessentially that sort of book. It's a comfort and a delight, and - in this crazy life I lead - she can count on me to keep buying copies. Through the miracle of gift-giving holidays I have arranged for it to be shelved at my best friend's house and in my boyfriend's apartment (I made him read it once, and I've read his copy twice this year). I've got a copy at my parents' house, one in my apartment, and another that sort of "floats." That sounds like overkill until you realize I have five copies stashed in four houses (three of which make up my "residences," in various forms), in four different states splayed diagonally across North America (Alaska to Florida. Whee).

That floating copy exists largely so I have a spare for airplane reading. After a horrible flight a few years back where I spent hours on the tarmac strapped in, in front of an unsupervised four year old with shiny (pointy!) new cowgirl boots and an apparently deaf little sister who needed to be entertained, I don't travel with only  new books. If they fail to meet expectations and work isn't engrossing enough, then I am stuck with nowhere to go. I carry one staunch favorite (often Sunshine) to hide in, when those disasters strike.

What books meet that criteria for you?
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Should I ever start a WoW guild or some other imaginary group that needs a name, I dub us Group Askew.

It's from a book. And I will quite literally mail you a cookie if you can tell me which one (no cheating allowed).
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Rough Harry Potter and Redzils chronology:

Friday - 

7 pm - drive by Barnes and Noble on the way to dinner, realize the line to get wrist-bands WINDS AROUND THE PARKING LOT.

8 pm - redrive by B&N, see TV station trucks, realize it has only gotten WORSE.  Call Panda and bag on the midnight celebration because I Dont Do Standing In Line.

Midnightish - realize that I am much happier doing what I am doing, roll over and go to sleep


10:30 - Mom calls and wakes me up.

11:30 - buy book, after standing in a short line.

READ. Finish around 4:30. Immediately call Panda, who hasn't started the book yet, to say the only thing that wont spoil it - I finished!

Find spoiler comment thread at Phantom's.  Agree heartily with all comments and criticisms.  Decide it is time to go out in the big blue room.  


(ps - call or email me if you are also done and want to discuss! I would love to do so, but dont want to spoil anything for anybody).

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50. - 53. )

New page total: 17,258
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Also, remember how I was going to stop reading the Anita Blake books at Obsidian Butterfly? I didn't, but I should have.  Geez louise, I dont think the woman has been fully dressed in more than a third of the 156 pages I have finished so far.  Let's just say that her Nikes and polo shirts are history, although there is still lots of clothing talk.  Well, at the beginning of the book there was lots of clothing talk, since then it is more birthday-suit talk.  And her already complicated love life has gotten... dare I say, ridiculous.

Of course I am going to finish reading Narcissus in Chains, since I always finish books and have nothing better to do tonight, but I think it is making me blush as I sit here by myself, which is some doing.

ETA: p. 454 - first description of Anita putting on a polo shirt.
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And.... I am obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer today. 

After that last post telling the universe how tiiiiiiiired I am, I did the obvious thing and went to bed with a book.  And - here is where the plan got stupid - read the book.  You know, all 451 pages of it.

2 am is a perfectly reasonable bedtime on a school night, right?


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