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As predicted, since I finished the second sleeve of the sweater last night, the missing one reappeared today.

I have photos of yarn gnome guilty of disappearing it.... Not in the act - she was too sneaky and fast, but from another day when I was quick with the camera.

Here she is:

 Where did the sleeve appear?  Well, since it looks like I am moving, I started inventorying and sorting my belongings today. I had pulled some stuff out from under my bed when I spied a huge ball of yarn, a chewed on sleeve, a few random lengths of yarn abandoned under the middle of my queen size bed.  . 

I am past needing it, but its nice to have the mystery solved. The sleeve did not disapparate in the sealed car, it disappeared during the chaos of unloading when somebody dragged it out of my bag and fled.

(My internet vacation was cut short, but for a good reason. More on that later).
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It is a beautiful day. I think I am going to take the dog for a walk, shove a protesting cat-ten into the crate, and run away from home.  A night at [personal profile] joyce and [personal profile] madgenius's is just what I need.

And - I have all but three slides for my defense presentation filled in.  Of course the ones remaining are the three hardest (analyses and results, essentially), but it is good to have made some progress. I'm trying to put less on the slides so I have more to talk about, like I would teaching.  During my proposal meeting everything I wanted to say was already projected up on the wall, which made for a boring presentation. These people scare the hell out of me, but I am a good teacher, dammit, and am going to try and channel some of that spark into my defense meeting.

I hope you are having a good Friday, and that you get to do something fun tonight.
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I just sent a sad email, telling She-Who-Brought-Me-A-Cat that Copper needs another place to live, long-term.  We will keep Copper until they find her a good home, but decided tonight that it isn't fair to add a fifth pet to the household - our resources only stretch so far, and she deserves a home where she is in, say, the top three animals. 

It has been fun having her, and we will joyfully keep her until the right opportunity comes along.  It will be sad to see her go, but it seems like the wiser choice when you look at our lives (RH taking a job next week that is going to keep her out of the house a million hours a week, me moving away in three months, K working full-time four hours away and road-tripping home when he can; each of us already having a pet who could use a little more attention).

This being a grown-up thing is not always that much fun.
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Kit-ten update.

Remember how I said I am not keeping her, no, no, no matter what.

Well my roommate suggested that rather than me keeping Copper, we keep her.  That way she will be a community cat and when I go she can keep living with RHeather.

This has potential.
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Operation Cat Bath: Succesful.

We used hyper-organic puppy shampoo, and two people.  We knelt outside the tub, with me holding her and the roommate pouring water over the top with a small metal mixing bowl.

She didn't like it, but she took it.  We even stayed (mostly) dry.  The scary realization is that she has been de-clawed.  Good for cat-bathers, bad for cats on the lam.  She has to be a house pet, whatever she does next.

ETA: Okay, she isn't declawed. I talked to She Who Brought Me A Cat and apparently they are just clipped very, very short, since they were in bad shape when she was found.
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The question for you cat-owners is: cats and baths.  I have heard these dont go together, but this kitten could maybe use one.  She grooms, but she also came out of a dumpster not long ago and is a little bit ...fragrant.  Can I take her into the shower with me like I would a puppy? Should I wash her in the sink? Should I give up the idea totally?


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