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I figured out how to hang my necklaces and (some of the) bracelets. I bought five feet of one inch chain at the hardware store, pounded two nails into the wall (the only ones I have done since moving here) and now have a functional jewelry display which is also serving as wall art.
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Zee leetle bleu sveater is feeneeshed...

If only I had a four year old handy to model it....

This is the most complicated knitting I have ever done - I knit shaped pieces, seamed them together, and picked up stitches around the neckline on double-pointed needles to knit a ribbed collar.  I was a little intimidated by the process, but am impressed with how professional-looking the final product came out.  And now I have a pretty sweater for Mara (I will be putting it in the mail soon).
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As predicted, since I finished the second sleeve of the sweater last night, the missing one reappeared today.

I have photos of yarn gnome guilty of disappearing it.... Not in the act - she was too sneaky and fast, but from another day when I was quick with the camera.

Here she is:

 Where did the sleeve appear?  Well, since it looks like I am moving, I started inventorying and sorting my belongings today. I had pulled some stuff out from under my bed when I spied a huge ball of yarn, a chewed on sleeve, a few random lengths of yarn abandoned under the middle of my queen size bed.  . 

I am past needing it, but its nice to have the mystery solved. The sleeve did not disapparate in the sealed car, it disappeared during the chaos of unloading when somebody dragged it out of my bag and fled.

(My internet vacation was cut short, but for a good reason. More on that later).
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Since I got my webcam, I have talked to the baby every single day.  This is good, and also so bizarre.  I wonder what it will be like for her to grow up assuming that videoconferencinig is an everyday fact and thousands of miles is no excuse for not talking face to face.

ETA: We are all crazy.  First I showed off the cat, since I thought Mara would like her. Then they decided they had to hold their German short haired pointer in camera view.  So then I picked up Kiska to show of her tee-shirt.  The barking (from their end) and camera crashing over again and again (from here, where it balances on a file folder on top of a lamp, in a tangle of cords) were really something, but what else would I expect from Casa de Chaos.
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Discerning readers want to know more about the boots from my last entry, so I did a quick websearch to find an image to which you could be referred.
This was educational.  I learned that:
1) There are a lot of really ugly boots out there.
2) My boots don't exist [not at or the manufacturer (Nine West)'s website].
Just in case they do exist though, I thought I'd post a quick photo.  You are on your own for imagining the cute knee socks and the hair though.

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Happy Birthday to my furbaby - Kiska turns two today!


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