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[ profile] yesthatjill is soliciting ideas for slow-cooked and baked things to make when it gets cold. I love coming home to a warm, yummy-smelling house, so use the crock-pot a lot in the winter. My two suggestions for her are French Onion soup and Chicken Paprikish. It appears that people could use recipes for these, so I am sharing the ones I use here.  Please feel free to share your own best recipes - I love cooking things that have been recommended and vetted by friends.

Classic French Onion Soup )


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By popular demand -

Smoked Salmon Dip the Redzils Way -

Break up a hunk of smoked salmon in your food processor. Whir it around briefly, to create uniform small pieces.  Cut a block or two of softened cream cheese into inch squares and throw it in with the salmon, whir.  Your proportions will vary depending how orange you want your dip to be.


Halibut Ceviche (inspired by the Saltry in Halibut Cove) -

Freeze halibut pieces for at least two weeks (this kills all parasites).  Thaw the halibut completely, then cut it into 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch squares.  For this recipe I used four eating size pieces and ended up with about three cups of halibut chunks.

Squeeze about 1.5 cups of citrus juice into a bowl. I used mostly oranges and limes, with a single lemon thrown in.  Once you have the juice, zest the fruits you squeezed to add color and texture.

Pour the citrus juice and zest over the halibut chunks, making sure all the fish is exposed to juice. Refrigerate (my mom uses a gallon ziploc, I used a 4 cup tupperware) for at least 24 hours. The fish is cooked by its exposure to citrus juice, so you want to make sure it has time to get cooked.  Whenever you walk by the fridge while it is "cooking," turn the bag or tupperware over.

Just before serving, mix in about a cup of chopped tomato pieces and a half cup (packed) of fresh cilantro cut into small pieces. 

Serve with crackers, bread, celery sticks, or other scoopers.


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