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There is a maniac on a Harley driving in circles around the house, across the lawn.  Good thing he lives here, or I would really have to wonder.  I think he is bored with his girlfriend across town, chaperoning a thirteen year old's social life.  Who knows how bizarre it could get, if she wasn't coming home tomorrow.
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I just sent a sad email, telling She-Who-Brought-Me-A-Cat that Copper needs another place to live, long-term.  We will keep Copper until they find her a good home, but decided tonight that it isn't fair to add a fifth pet to the household - our resources only stretch so far, and she deserves a home where she is in, say, the top three animals. 

It has been fun having her, and we will joyfully keep her until the right opportunity comes along.  It will be sad to see her go, but it seems like the wiser choice when you look at our lives (RH taking a job next week that is going to keep her out of the house a million hours a week, me moving away in three months, K working full-time four hours away and road-tripping home when he can; each of us already having a pet who could use a little more attention).

This being a grown-up thing is not always that much fun.
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If you are going to the grocery store, what we really need is milk (organic, fat-free) and bananas.  That is true today, and it seems to be true anytime anyone heads to the grocery - we may or may not need other things, but those are the two that require constant replenishment here on the hill.  This is especially remarkable because no one drinks straight milk, but we cook with it and I slug it into my endless cups of tea.**

I realized in January that I had an entire drawer of tea bags, along with a pile of boxes in a cupboard.  There was a bit of hysteria over the fact that I had something like 450 tea bags stockpiled against future shortages, especially since I am moving away in 3.5 short months, but I am realizing that, as long as I am willing to sacrifice the Lipton, I should have time to drink the rest before I go. Constant tea drinking is one hedge against freezing to death in my essentially unheated bedroom (I am watching the snow blow past my window at about 30 mph as I type this).

The good news on the house front is that the living room is finally painted. It still needs trim, flooring, and furniture, but it may someday stop being a construction zone.  The wood flooring and trim stain have been chosen, so at this point it is more about execution and available resources than decision-making (which is what had slowed it down for so long).  Our new roommate doesn't sit still well and is currently a construction worker by trade, so lots of work gets done when he is here.  RH and I are going to a three day dance workshop this weekend and leaving K here (to feed the three dogs, two cats, and a fish in a shiny glass bowl), so there may be progress.  Rumor has it we will be getting new glass doors in the dining room, which would be nice (the old one started as double-paned, but one pane broke out so it doesn't provide much insulation).  They will still be 100% glass and dead-bolt free, but, hey, it's not my house.

** I went out to lunch with Becky the other day, and ordered hot tea. I asked for milk to put in it, and our waiter gave me a look of horror and announced, "That's weird!"  Becky agreed with him.  (I got my milk anyways).  Am I truly bizarre for putting milk in my tea?
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Kit-ten update.

Remember how I said I am not keeping her, no, no, no matter what.

Well my roommate suggested that rather than me keeping Copper, we keep her.  That way she will be a community cat and when I go she can keep living with RHeather.

This has potential.
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Our household usually consists of two girls, one part-time guy (he works 4 hours away, and is here between times), a poodle, a golden retriever, and a suspicious cat (he came with the guy, and is Not Sure about the rest of us). We are already a houseful, by most definitions.

This week we have an extra aged border collie on the premises.

I just agreed to foster a kitten.

And my friend's bad, bad border collie may be coming to stay, if she has to go north for ankle surgery.

This should be fun, or something: one dog living with me; one spending his days under the kitchen table; another corralled in RH's space upstairs (I sneak up and let her out a lot, actually). One cat alternating between life in RH's bed and under the front porch (really), and another segregated in my bathroom.  Let the games begin!
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It is kind of fun to watch two people you like falling in love.  I have a ridiculously front row seat, what with living down the hall, but it makes me grin to see how happy RH & K seem to be. (It helps that they have a good sense of when to Take It Upstairs).

My minor super-power seems to be holding.

[profile] lycantras, you sure you want to risk it as my next roommate?
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That was exciting! RHeather managed to get a log wedged in the door of the woodstove.  It was stuckstuckstuck and oh, yes, ON FIRE along the whole stove side. 

Fortunately we are such girl scouts that after I noticed her distress, we hatched a plan that involved multiple steps and two sets of hands, and saved the day (me dousing the log with a pitcher of water, her wiggling it out with heavy gloves on, me opening the doors for her to carry it out to the concrete, her whisking it outside, me dousing it again with more water).  I thought it was cute that while I was filling up the pitcher for a second dousing on the concrete she whisked my half full water bottle off the counter and carried it out to finish the job.

Life here is never boring.  And I think our smoke detectors work.
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We are back in the Blue Ridge mountains - it was an uneventful, boring 12 hours of airport / airplane drive, then a late night drive home since I just wanted to wake up in my own bed.  Between the driving energy and the time difference, I didn't get to sleep 'til 4 am, and was up at 10:30 so  I am having a hard time getting in motion this morning.  I have everything out of the suitcases at least, and a plan to get through some errands and the resettling today. 

I gotta say, coming home to Elsewhere is always great.  I was amused this trip to find a men's electric shaver charging on the counter, next to a three foot edged sword (note: edged but not sharp, it's a dancer's sword).  The shaver belongs to the new roommate and the sword to the old one - it was just an interesting juxtaposition.  Kiska and Chewbacca-the-cat have met. It went well-ish - the cat ran and she chased him, but there was no aggression on either part.  She seems glad to be home too, and is eating one of Raven's rawhides.

RoommateHeather loves me enough to climb out of bed when I called late last night and plug in my electric space heater.  Thank goodness, since my wing of the house has been closed off for the last month and was still chilly, despite two hours of pre-heating.  I think I may need an electric blanket if I am going to keep from freezing to death... Maybe after I get my errands run today I will go find one.
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I may never grow accustomed to hearing the dogs go crazy and walking out to find a strange man (so far only one at a time) in my kitchen. However, I need to work on it since it seems to happen around here with some regularity. They are all nice strange men, friends of my roommate, etc. but it still tends to suprise me.

I am STILL STUCK on global trust time two scale statistics. Why, why, why is the reliability so low?
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It is getting emptier around here.

When I came back from walking and talking with Anita, R had absolutely wrecked their room packing. A was perched on the mattress (careened half up against the wall, half on the floor), looking shell shocked. It literally looks like a bomb went off in their bedroom.

The are actually headed to a hotel for the night, since she cant handle this level of chaos and still has one exam tomorrow.

I had grandiose ambitions for the evening, but think I am instead going to take a swig of Nyquil straight from the bottle (I like to live dangerously) and crash. Life is always an adventure.
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While this morning made me want to club people with rotten zucchini, today has had its high points.

They include:
- being invited out to lunch by Julie (my boss) on Thursday
- handing off all those research papers
- deciding to pretend I am rich and have someone clean my house after I move out (a one time thing, which makes me feel like I should just burgn some twenty dollar bills, while I am at it). She comes a week from Friday, and I already mailed the check.
- finishing Table 1 of the meta-analysis
- having my cousin offer to drive me to the airport on Saturday (after putting me up Friday night), since my arrangment with KM fell through
- my Anchorage aunt and uncle sounding delighted to have me sleeping on their couch on Saturday night

No one will be suprised to hear that I am going to go live on top of a scenic hill with a charming bellydancer, her poodle, and six pygmy goats. For the same amount I charged A, I will have a 11.5x11.5 foot bedroom with a giant closet, a (shared) bathroom large enough to roller skate in (with a real! bathtb! for real! baths!), access to a beautiful kitchen and porch with hanging wooden bench swing, and no responsibility for house disasters.

She is OtherHeather, Fantastic Jen's best friend. She is hardly ever there, but I like her and will enjoy any time I see her. She is one of the girls from the landmark Atlanta road trip weekend.

I have too much stuff in my storage unit for the bedroom, but will make it work. Probably I will sell some stuff in the fall, when people are moving to the area and furnishing their new places. I probably should not have packed those kitchen boxes today, since I wont need that stuff, but will sort through them in the fall.

It is still a ten minute drive from campus, because it is located out of town on a winding road, but only 3.5 miles to my parking lot. The local trail system runs across that winding road about a quarter of a mile from the house, so I could even ride my bike to school if I was feeling athletic.

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Writing this feels wrong, especially since I have five legs of plane flights coming up and tend to think I am more likely to die in a fiery crash if I admit to being very happy, very unhappy, etc. My life pegs the irony-meter often enough, that putting that sort of thing on (virtual) paper feels like an unnecessary risk factor.

But yeah, I am not happy.

I got almost twelve hours of sleep last night, went to what should have been a pleasant evening pouring wine at one of KM's shop's gigs, then cried exhausted tears on the way home.

I am overwhelmed. Mad at my roommates. Tired. And kind of sad.

But I know this is a temporary state, and soon I will be happyish again . . .
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I showed the place to one potential roommate yesterday and one today. I would tell you more about them, except my current roommates are fighting and I Can Not Stand It.

Kiska and I are headed out to hide for an hour, then help take back the night.

The only fly in our ointment is that The Other Dog is headed back to our house, as they were not able to find a foster for her, and she has not found a home. This will make Kiska crazy again - the plan is for me to have nothing to do with her and see how Kiska copes. If Kis gets neurotic again, I am calling in my marker with Sarah and Kiska will go stay with Mini and Petee until Dix finds a home.


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