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How am I?

Well, I am here.

I cant wait to have internet at home, so I dont have to take my computer places to get anything done. I called the evil company tonight to check my order status, and was assured that (contrary to the packaging) it would not hurt to plug everything into the wall before they flipped the magic switch (which apparently takes 6 working days, 8 real days).  Following that call, I tried to set it all up and discovered the modem power cord would not plug into the modem.  One phone call later, a replacement should be arriving tomorrow. They are lucky I found that out today, so I will (hopefully, knock wood) have the pieces I need by the time my internet is supposed to work.
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It is 92 degrees.

My new house is filled to the gills with miscellaneous stuff.

I am seriously considering Cheerios for dinner, since I wont have to cook them.

And I am feeling a little lonely and self-pitying. I need to hurry up and get it out of my system, as reality descends with a crash tomorrow.
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I made the pies. I finished my mom's Mother's Day present and wrote the card. I cleaned the kitchen.

And I carefully took the clean laundry off the line and heaped it on my bed, then piled all the other clothes I like and will want to have between now and August on the bathroom floor.

I am trying to figure out how I can justify leaving them there and either becoming a nudist or hiring a personal shopper to arrange me a new wardrobe in Anchorage.  Probably I should just put them in some suitcases, but what fun is that?

Have I mentioned I hate packing?
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I am at home, with too much to do and too little motivation to do it.  I had a lovely run-away, but my inner introvert now wants me to make like a Victorian invalid and take to the fainting couch with a good book for days, to get the quiet time I have not had these last two weeks.  I have no time for the fainting couch and/or delicate embroidery, so am instead trudging uphill both ways through the snow to answer the eleventy-million emails crowding my inbox, get ready to take Kiska visiting tomorrow, pack and prepare to leave for New York tomorrow night, etcetera, etcetera.
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I feel like I have been being too verbose and very whiny, but I guess that is what personal online journals are for. Feel free to skip any and all of this.

This morning's installment: I'm tiiiiiiiired. 

I went to bed around one, tired, and watched the clock turn to three am.  I am trying to learn to sleep on my back, and I just cant seem to fall asleep that way.  Last night I added a pillow under my knees to the usual voodoo [hot pack on shoulder, bear, nest of pillows (two body pillows and four regular pillows live in my bed)], and it still didn't work. I got to the lucid dreaming stage, where I was still aware but an interesting movie featuring me as star played across the back of my eyeballs, but couldn't get all the way to sleep.  I eventually gave up, as I tend to do, rolled over, and was asleep in seconds.  The only problem with that solution is that sleeping on my stomach leaves me feeling smothered, and curling up on either side hurts my shoulders. So I woke up to my alarm five hours after falling asleep, in pain.  Lovely.

I have never been a good sleeper, but this is getting ridiculous. I may have to add abuse-of-cold-medicine to my list of vices. Nyquil is scary stuff but at least I get sleep when I do a shot of it before bed.
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Dear Interwebnets,

Thank you for putting up with my whining.



It is 8:15 Friday night and I am home, bored.  I would be swing dancing downtown, but I cant get there from here (see: annoying car problems).  I am in the mood to sew, which is odd since I haven't really done any sewing in a couple of years, but I dont have the materials.  I'm not in the mood to knit, which is too bad since yarn is what I do have. I am not in the mood to work on my thesis, read the pile of books I am accumulating, or click mindlessly around the interweb.  I should not distract myself with recreational eating or baking.  The house is as clean as it is going to be with somebody sanding furniture in the living room (good thing the landlord thinks he is cute).  It is dark and raining, so playing outside doesn't sound like fun.

I think I will paint my toenails, assemble a dance costume for the hafla tomorrow, do my shoulder exercises, and maybe watch a movie.  Somebody doubled the size of my DVD collection when she was here last week (3 ->6, don't laugh), so I even have choices!

Updated: or (in retrospect) take a bath, read an interesting book about living an undivided life, and go to bed early.  I am impressed by the book, and will probably post more about it later.  Thus far I can say it doesn't trip my pop-psychology bullshitometer, which is unusual for the genre and is cogent to my life.
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This is my third live journal. 

The first two have been abandoned, to clog the interweb like debris. 

And I am getting to the point where I am thinking about abandoning this one too, to start another TOP-SECRET online diary (I think that is the ultimate oxymoron... If it is so secret, why exactly am I putting it on Teh Interweb??). 

The only problem with this ship-jumping idea is that I like you (yes, you) and want to stay in touch, so I would have to tell you what my new TOP-SECRET username was, thereby defeating my own purpose. 

I think this must be a sign that I am sharing more of myself than is maybe entirely comfortable. I will have to decide how I feel about that another day.  In the meantime, umm, read at your own risk.  If you think I sound too flaky or post too much or whatever, kindly move on.  And if you dont move on, well, pull up a chair and enjoy the debris....
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I have not sold either of my parent's dogs on Ebay, despite the obvious temptation.

Eventually I whapped one of them with a rolled up JAP article, which still amuses me.  'If you dont behave I am going to get the Journal of Applied Psychology out, and then, buster, you'll have something to cry about!'  It didn't hurt her, but the noise got her attention.  And, since then, she has shut up.  FINALLY.  If only I had figured that out, say, eight hours sooner. 

I went out to breakfast this morning at my favorite cafe because the dogs and I needed an outing, fast.  Then I came home and worked a bit, fell unconscious for an hour, and ate a turkey sandwich.  This being grounded is REALLY BORING.  I know I need to work fast so I can get it over with, but am reminded why sitting at the computer for days on end is just not a good way to get things done.

Anyone want to make a plan to do something fun?  It would give me something to look forward to, and maybe that would help me work fast.  I am getting desperate here....
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You know you are having A Day when you discover - as dark falls - that you are locked in at the dump (excuse me, solid waste disposal facility), and your next thought is, oh, shit, these pants are WAY too tight for jumping six foot chainlink fences.

I manged to go over the fence without ripping the seat out of my too-tight jeans on the wire 'x's at the top (I have a lot more upper body strength than I would have thought this morning - I climbed up, then sort of held myself out from the barbs and lowered far enough to feel safe jumping), and the gate was chained in a way that the two of us pulling it apart were able to yank the dogs through the gap.  Good thing Kiska is so svelte.

Other than that, it was A Day. 

This whole giving up diet soda and refined sugar thing is not very much fun during the first three days - I get terrible cravings, have constant low-level headaches, and my stomach churns and churns.  

I spent the morning working on my measurement model in preparation for seeing my advisor.  The meeting itself was short and fine - any meeting where she doesn't take me out behind the psychology building and shoot me is a good meeting.  Then I met with a student to help him figure out the statistics for a study he is doing.  (When exactly did I get to be a stats expert?)  After that I escaped home for an hour, before dragging myself out for a dog walk with the border collies of doom, where we got locked in at the dump (the trail we were on ended there and it was too dark to go back into the woods and stumble around until we found another exit).  What a glamorous life I lead.


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